DJ Búho's music venture started growing up on the Northside of the Chicago. Grown up in Chicago during the 80s and 90s, DJ Búho was engulfed by a wide variety of music. Gatherings with family and friends found DJ Búho being influenced by the New Wave sounds of the 80’s and other popular music of that time, along with the cultural root sounds of Mexican music like norteña and ranchera. Artist he grew up listening to were Vicente Fernandez and Ramon Ayala to name a few of the Mexican genre. Heroes Del Silencio, Caifanes, The Cure, Radio Head were also rock bands he was listening to growing up.

Buying his first bass in 1997, DJ Búho took his first steps towards building his musical profession. Finding a deeper appreciation for the instrument that most importantly brings the punch and holds the beat to any song, he purchased his first drum kit for $80 at a local flea market while living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Day after day DJ Búho refined his drum skills against his favorite tunes. Interrupting his roommate’s novella time, DJ Búho would be found practicing his set way past the hours of nine in the evening. However, having borrowed his drum kit to an ex-girlfriend’s nephew, he never saw it again. But the show must go on!!!

Years later DJ Búho purchased his first full set and joined several bands in various states. Although he still holds a passion for the combined and harmonized tones of a four-piece band, it is difficult to find a band that shares the same love of music and good time that he does. Therefore, he built his own DJ/KJ business.

Now DJ Búho is his own band and he calls the shots! His music preference holds no bounds and is eager and dedicated to keeping the party going by playing what the people want to hear. He recently moved his venture to the 7 Cities and has a well-established clientele. Ready with a never-ending song list of music, DJ Búho brings a large variety of music to your party or establishment sure to set the right party mood.